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How We Make Paper - Excellence is a Habit

TIPCO uses 100% recycled paper to manufacture high quality paper.

Our Raw Materials Warehouse Department processes imported and locally sourced recovered paper by sorting, conveying them into pulpers and converting them into fibrous, cellulose mass.

The Deinking Plant takes over to clean, screen, de-ink and wash out all contaminants from the paper stock. At this stage, production process aims to come up with the cleanest and best consistency stock.

The Paper Machine Department converts cleaned pulp into finished sheets through forming, pressing, drying, calendering and winding processes. The end result is high quality finished paper that is prepared for wrapping and shipping out to customers.

The Logistics Department handles all finished goods for careful piling, storage and loading into trucks for delivery to local and offshore clients.

In all stages of the production process, TIPCO employees are committed to ensuring that only high grade, top quality paper products reach the customers on time.