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Trust International Paper Corporation

Our Beginnings

TIPCO is TRUST INTERNATIONAL PAPER CORPORATION. Its name is the embodiment of the ideals and working philosophy guiding the Company's business conduct. The name reflects the foundation on which the working relationship between the Company and those it is dealing with is built - TRUST.

The TIPCO mill is located in a 37-hectare lot at the TECO Industrial park in Bundagul, Mabalacat, Pampanga. TIPCO started the construction and installation of the first paper machine (PM1) in July 1987 and formally inaugurated the mill site and PM1 on December 13, 1988. Full commercial operations began in August 1989.

In 1993, the Company constructed a second paper machine (PM2) purchased from Quebec Canada and built with the capacity of 350 metric tons per day. Full commercial operations of PM2 started in May 1995.



In 1995, with the vision of achieving global competitiveness, TIPCO ventured into a third paper machine (PM3) acquiring a J-Former machine from Avenor, Canada with a capacity to 350 metric tons per day. The J-Former, a twin-wire paper machine, was the first of its kind installed in the country. Compared to the usual less efficient conventional fourdrinier type, the machine has advanced J-formation and sheet stability, the qualities required for copy paper, 4-color printing and high-speed printing. PM3 was officially declared on commercial operations in January 1998.

From its simple beginnings as a producer of newsprint paper, TIPCO now also produces brown paper to meet the packaging needs of its clients.