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TIPCO specializes in the production of quality newsprint, printing and writing paper and packaging, utilizing 100% recycled paper. It is the only paper manufacturer in the country that exports newsprint and printing and writing paper, principally to the Asian region.

Its newsprint paper comes in varying grammage measurements, mainly 45 and 48.8 grams per square meter. As for the length and width measurements, TIPCO's production technologies allow it to specifically customize the paper rolls according to the customers' required dimensions.

Primary users of TIPCO products can be grouped broadly into two (2) sectors: the publishers and the converters. The first group refers to the clients who publish newspaper broadsheets, tabloids, magazines and books. The second group refers to the firms that further cut and process the paper rolls into products like notebooks, school pads, school workbooks, office bond paper.

With the growing environmental awareness on the need to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic packaging, TIPCO responded by adding a brown paper packaging line to meet the rising demand for more ecologically safe packaging alternatives.

With its close proximity to the market, TIPCO delivers paper rolls promptly, thus reducing unnecessary storage and carrying costs for the customer. With the high quality of TIPCO products, customers are assured of getting the exact specifications following strict standards. TIPCO also provides after-sales service through regular visits of its technical staff to monitor product performance at the customers' production floor and offer suggestions for possible improvements in operating processes or practices.