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Trust International Paper Corporation

Vision and Mission



TIPCO is a world-class manufacturer of paper products that meet international quality standards and satisfy customers' specifications, by utilizing 100% recycled raw materials, employing competent and efficient workforce and adopting cost-effective, safe and environment-friendly operating processes.


Our primary purpose is to produce quality paper products that meet stringent customers' requirements. To this end, shareholders, management and employees are committed to:

Operate efficiently and profitably, continuously seeking ways to improve the quality of work processes and cost-competitiveness of our products;

Deliver the products to customers on time, with consistent quality and within stated specifications;

Provide a safe, clean and wholesome workplace that is conducive to productivity and the continuous growth and development of its people;

Deal with our business partners with integrity, transparency and fairness;

Uphold our corporate responsibility to the environment and the communities in which we operate.